Klassenkampf” was a school project where we had to produce a live show and present it on the “open house day” at the Ortweinschule in Graz.


Mentally ill and party-happy. Timo has just finished a long therapy and he and his friends want to celebrate that. But is he really healed yet?

Together with his friends Emi, Alex, Sina and Niklas, Timo celebrates his discharge from the clinic in a mountain hut. But he is visibly uncomfortable and plagued by hallucinations. Do his friends really only want to celebrate or do they want to harm him? Nevertheless, Timo and Emi get closer during the party and disappear into the bedroom. Emi takes Timo’s necklace away and puts it on. Suddenly she sees things that are not there. In panic she attacks Timo. Only when Timo is put out of the fight and she takes the chain off again does she come to rest.


Mrs. Enzenhofer wakes up in the hospital – without memory. The police confronts her with strange questions. With each question she comes one step closer to her past.

When Mrs. Enzenhofer wakes up in the hospital, she can’t remember anything. Before she even understands why she is here, she is already bombarded with questions by a policeman. The doctor tries to explain that the questioning has no meaning, but the policeman wants to know everything about the woman. Gradually the gaps in her memory are closing. Frau Enzenhofer begins to understand who she is, where she is.

On the run after a jeweler’s robbery she was involved in an accident in which her partner in crime lost his life and she lost her memory. Only through the conversation between doctor and the policeman does she come back to her senses.


  • Lara Rabitsch
  • Julian Schmiederer
  • Gregor Franz
  • Johannes Rass