Lara Marlies Rabitsch, born on 09.09.2001, is a director, producer and set designer.

She attended the NMS in Pöls and discovered her interest in painting, set design, film and photography. Inspired by her many activities, her general interest in art also increased and so she also managed to gain admission to the Ortweinschule in her desired branch of film and multimedia. In 2015, she moved to Graz to study film and multimedia. Her first projects were stop motion films and audio plays, with her first internationally presented project being a audio play called “SchulIch?” which played at the U19 Ars Electronica Festival in 2017.

Through working on other sets, she soon became aware of her interest in movie production and oriented herself towards production management. She then took on her first productions with the films “Ich sehe was, was ich nicht seh” and “Kruzifix”.

In 2018, she created the experimental short film Pressure, her biggest project to date, in which she took over the co-production. Pressure was the first short film for the entire film team that took place almost entirely under water. This was a new challenge that required a complete rethink of traditional filmmaking.

In 2019, Lara moved more into the departments of directing, writing and producing by writing, producing and directing her own short film Tunnelblick. A particular challenge here was the sudden appearance of the Corona virus which required a rethink in the production of the film.

She is currently working as a production designer. Her new film Drama where she took over the production design is currently in post-production.